Graffiti Removal Services

There is never a shortage of artists in the area that sometimes feel the need to express themselves on someone else's private property. Whether its on glass or stone/concrete we can help with the removal and provide preventative options to protect areas in the future.


Glass Etching Removal

Some artists like to express themselves on glass by etching it with a hard sharp object. Yes it is expensive and inconvenient to replace the entire glass so we can come out and see if we can polish it out. Almost like watching someone detail your car we are going to focus on the compromised area by removing layers of glass and polishing it back to its original look, nobody would ever know it was ever there.

Graffiti Guard Protective Film

The most common practice after the glass has been restored is to apply a clear protective film. This film is so crystal clear you'll forget its even on the glass. What does this film do? It provides a clear, thick, plastic layer on top of the glass so if it happens to get etched again all we have to do is remove the film and replace it with a new piece. Way better than polishing it out again or having to replace the entire glass.

Graffiti Spray Paint

The artists did not feel like using the glass as a canvas? Well they may have chosen the walls instead which are usually concrete, stone, stucco, or a similar type of substrate. We have some methods that usually can remove it and leave little or no signs that it was ever there. Worst case, we can paint over it for you.