window cleaning and restoration SERVICES

There is nothing like having a building with sparkling clean windows. Windows are one of the most viewed areas of the building, especially from your tenants. We understand how important it is to keep them clean and use all the latest equipment to clean them from every safe angle possible and to restore them if cleaning just isn't enough.


Water-Fed Pole Services

These poles are special. They are made out of a high strength carbon fiber wrap and can reach lengths of 70 feet! These poles usually are used to clean buildings up to four stories in height by utilizing a bristle brush and deionized water. What is deionized water? Let's just say it dries spot free.

Aerial Lift Work

Here we are talking about utilizing either a boom lift or a scissor lift most often. This is required when a water-fed pole either wont reach or we need to physically put our hand on the glass to get it clean. This happens usually when there are stains of some sort on the glass and need to be polished out.

Swing Stage Work

Have a building over four floors? You most likely have roof system that is set up for a swing stage to hang off the side of your building. This gets our hands on the glass almost all the time which results in more detailed cleaning. "Don't look down!"

Glass Restoration

When we come across windows with stains we always try and use our trade secrets to get them looking like new again. Window with stains are usually the cause of over spray from sprinkler systems, hard water runoff on concrete buildings, or construction debris etc. We have a 99.9% success rate.