Pressure Washing Services

This is where the magic happens. Besides window cleaning, pressure washing will definitely improve the buildings curb appeal. Putting your building on a maintenance schedule will also reduce the odds of having to repaint it.


Courtyards and Walkways

These areas get the most foot traffic and are susceptible to spills and other stains. We help keep these common areas looking nice and clean so your tenants and visitors can enjoy a clean path to and from your building.

Parking Structures

These areas get the most vehicular traffic and are susceptible to oils, spills,soot, and other things that might not smell or look too good. Our pressure washing trailer has a mounted boiler unit which heats up the water to 210 degrees to help clean up all those stains. Oh, and we recapture all the gray water too, nothing will do down the storm drain so neither of us get fined.

Curtain Walls

Windows aren't the only thing that need to be cleaned on the sides of buildings. The curtain wall can also get very dirty due to environmental build up, bird droppings, soot, dirt run off from the window frames and parapet walls. This is a very cost effective service compared to repainting the entire building.