Waterproofing SERVICES

Water intrusion issues are more common than most think. They also can cause some serious damage because most go unnoticed. If you see a water intrusion issue please call us and we will fully evaluate the area, remember...just because you don't see the leak doesn't mean that it is not there. We do everything from window caulking, deck coatings, curtain wall repairs, planter waterproofing, and so much more.


Window Caulking

Waterproofing of glass to glass, metal to glass, and metal to stone, and stone to stone joints (yes there are that many) on the exterior building curtain walls.

Concrete Coatings

Application of elastomeric coatings on you concrete parking deck surfaces, epoxy coatings in your mechanical rooms, membrane coatings on your roofs, and more...

Planter Waterproofing

Below grade waterproofing is often forgotten, the membranes below the soil of planters age with time and do need replacement every so often. Leaks in planters are mostly noticed when you see unsightly run-off on adjacent drive-paths/walkways or if you have a subterranean parking structure you may see leaks below coming from the ceiling.

Chemical Injections

Cracks in concrete walls and flooring are almost impossible to avoid. If water is coming through we cracks we can repair them with a special chemical injection. This repairs the structural integrity and stops the leak in its tracks.